Those Crazy Cats

Have you ever heard something so fantastic it hits you right in the stomach and you yearn for moThe Madpolecats logore? Your feet begin to tap, your hips move. It is all subconscious and absolutely wonderful.

The music of The Madpolecats does it for me. The first exposure was about 2 weeks ago. I needed to get out. I heard there was a band at the bar about 6 blocks from my house, O’Marro’s Public House. I like that bar. The clientele is decent, the owner a friend. And hey, I love jamming to live music.

The first step I took into the bar, I knew I wasn’t leaving any time soon. I was out by myself, but I didn’t feel alone. I was consumed by the beautiful blend of sounds that occur when talent and love become intertwined. You move to the back beat of the washboard. It isn’t lude, it isn’t offensive. It’s just total awesomeness.

Their sounds intermingle, bantering back and forth, never fighting. Every banjo pick is a vibration that ends with a drumbeat, washboard, horn, bass, and guitar in between.  A great blend of rockabilly, bluegrass and a cover band….kind of.

I am fortunate to have been exposed to such an incredible family of people. When you hear their humor in the lyrics, see the love and passion for what they do, and get the opportunity to speak to them and hear that passion in their own words, it makes them even more of a band to fall madly in love with.

So if you get the chance, I would urge you to check them out! Like ’em on FB even 🙂


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