Blah. Blah blah….Oh wait. That’s me

So I read an article out of the Wall Street Journal….yesterday, I think. About how Labor Day weekend causes a plethora of different emotions for people. They say for many it triggers honest to God symptoms due to the ending of summer.

Psh. I scoff. And keep reading, of course.

Now I have to interject here. I have always considered myself very balanced. I like summer, warm weather, chilling on the beach. But I love to snow shoe, hike in the woods during colors, snowboard, and sled. The winter is great, and I LOVE it, especially in WI. ‘Tis why I scoff….

The symptoms range from irritability and anxiety to difficulty concentrating, motivating, and feeling empty. Wait. What?

Blogging has been the most rediculously difficult task ALL WEEK. I have started posts to look up 15 minutes later and there are 5 words that don’t really make much sense.

I attempt my homework and get distracted by a memory of summer that triggers the warm fuzzies. And I think that’s the problem. I had the best summer in YEARS. Honestly! My friends and family were around helping with the kids, taking them places so I could have some alone time. Some of it was unintentional 🙂 and some was planned.

They were simply all around great times. Great times with the kids, my parents, my friends. Made new friends that taught me new things. Found a good balance of myself, my family and my social life. Actually had one for the first time in years, and it was healthy at that.

So I guess this means I have to prep myself for the upcoming winter. There is still much to do, many people to meet and lots of stuff to see. And soon, I can build a snowman….


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