Is my Concept Sound??

I have been toying with the idea of launching a web design service for the small business. It is called NeonTree design.

I am in the process of attaining a start-up certificate at Fox Valley Technical College and this idea is the basis for my homework in (and reason for taking) Intro to Entrepreneurship. In this class I will check my concept, determine my market and competition and write a business plan.

Currently, I am in stage one, checking the concept. I have created a marketing research survey to determine what interest would be if this service was indeed available.

The business is geared towards small start-ups, hobbyists, musicians, and bars. The sites revolve around the KISS philosophy. Keep It Simple, Stupid (but I think that’ll stay out of the marketing, seems a bit degrading :)) All these types of businesses need (unless they want more) is a place to give the pertinent info. Information about the person/band/establishment. Photo’s/products. Music and Video’s for musicians. Events calendars for musicians and bars. And contact form/information.

If you feel you could be part of my market, feel free to take my survey! The link is at the bottom. Any and all input is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your time and input!!



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