Whining? Maybe Just a Little

I’m having one of those days today. It is kind of driving me nuts.

I have suddenly gotten overloaded with work…in excel none the less, so my eyes are buggy. I havedone my Math and checked my email, practiced my Spanish alphabet (and can do it!), did the dishes, laundry and Intro to Eship homework.

But I have yet to get that satisfied feeling…Yeah. All done. Why? Cause…OMG not even close. And I just don’t want to finish. I want to sit here and write and create all day. Just peck away, play on expressions, read a few good articles about cool stuff and chillax. It feels like life is trying to run me over! So I keep running…and I do not like to run.

And I miss my hobbies! I used to spend my evenings letting the creativity flow and immerse myself in my work, which ever facet I had inspiration for. I would stay up until 11, get a ton of stuff done. Well, some kind of massive meteor came through about a month ago and blew that to pieces. If anyone got the plate number…..

There has been  a turn. Maybe the season change (I am sensitive to that (:) or maybe the transition back to school and full time work, but holy cow is it ever tough for me to even motivate to do the things (my things) that I love. Hopefully it isn’t a middle age thing…I don’t want to get used to it.

Pretty that it isn’t a kid/parent thing, either. Life’s been good about the house for quite some time now. It’s nice. No drama, just a little sibling bickering from “Nit” and “Pick” (AKA Boo and Bubba J). It’s so great to talk to them and have them talk to me. Go for walks and listen to music.

Ooooo but on the flip, there has been Cross Country meets and scout and strings meetings…and library time and play dates with the Stink. Now don’t get me wrong, I love it. But I betcha it wears me out. Hmmm

Maybe I just need a vacation…..take the kids and veg on an island for a week. Yeah buddy


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