What Ever Shall I Do?

was the first thing that ran through my head.

As of this moment, I have done all but completely disolve my facebook account. Maybe some music sharing, and my WP, but that’s it.

Not sure what possessed me, but I got back from lunch, logged on, did a misc. walk through and said WTF ever.

I mean, do I really care what most of these people are doing? (Yes. Dangerous words for a marketer) I’m not saying that I won’t check in when I’m out or put up pictures for Mom and Tammy. I’m not unfriending people. I just don’t want to care anymore about what half the people on there are doing. I don’t care/dont have time enough to make 75% of them part of my life for real…..it seems almost fake to have em as facebook friends.

That said, when I do log in I am drawn to see what these people are up to, how people are fairing. I can’t help but look (please forgive my pathetic will power!). And I don’t want to.

Reality is so much easier. You can hear a tone, sense laughter. One can pick out sarcasm, and most times lies.

Then of course there is the fact that I have more than enough to keep me busy. It can only add to my productivity (or at least make up for the productivity my writing takes away (; ). So I guess I do know “Whatever I shall do” and it will be influential, at least!!


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