How I Keep Up

Keeping up with your [social] media can be a daunting task. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress (and that’s mine. I know some have more) all take a bit of time, every day. And of course the kicker is if you’re using them all for different purposes, you must have different approaches, too.

I know, you may be thinking “That’s just great”, if you are in any way new to this. You’ll think to yourself that there aren’t enough hours in the day to effectively use your social outlets, right?

Au contraire. Friends call me the queen of multi-tasking. Overbooked, 24/7. But I have found a few simple things that help me to keep myself in the loop, so to speak. Maybe they’ll help you….

Always Look For Content
Always.  Every article I read, song I hear and thought I think I analyze for it’s “worth”. Are there people on any of my accounts that have use for this information in front of me/in my head? If I post it will they read? If the answer is no, by all means skip it. Just don’t forget to think about it!

Tabbed Browsers
are my BFF, when it comes to things I love about my computer. It’s even better with 2 screens, but… I always keep every account open on my desktop. When Twitter tops at 50 new tweets, I check it out. If FB blinks (notification) I can easily get there, answer/comment and get out. Curious about my blog views for the day? There’s a browser tab for that, too.

Plan Ahead
I suppose this is more for the business world and the blogger, but I generally have a method to the madness that I follow during the weekends. I don’t want to fall off the map just because I chose to use my time differently on Saturday or Sunday. Scheduling blogs and putting interesting content into your bookmarks or favorites gives you quick access to a linked Tweet even when you haven’t the time to look for something to tweet about.

Go Mobile
HUGE a$$ saver, here. All my social media has a mobile app. My blackberry even has a nifty little feature that compiles my Twitter, LI, FB and RSS feeds. Easy as read and share. This allows me to keep up with my media wherever I am.

And that’s how I keep up with my SM responsibilities. How do you do it??



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