Be Careful, Someone is Looking

I’m sure it’s old news to most of you that companies use social media when making hiring decisions. But just because we know these things, are we constantly conscientious about what we post where?

Personal branding can be a difficult undertaking, especially when you are connected through so many different channels. There is LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Google+, etc. They key to understanding this plethora of media? Know your audience.

This is just the fundamental principle behind all our marketing efforts, right? So it should hold true for branding yourself and creating an image, too. I believe this is the most important step to successfully creating an online presence that will affect the right people in the right ways. Let me digress…

My Facebook page I post my blog, humorous pictures and photos and video’s of my family. Why? Because the people who I am friends with on Facebook will not judge me if I push the boundaries, maybe swear once in a while or check in at a Bar on a Saturday night. I don’t have to be concerned with my children’s photo’s because I know the people who will be viewing, and my settings allow only my friends to see these pictures. *It’s important for me to state here that my Facebook is my only non-public SM outlet. This is my connection to my true friends.

LinkedIn is where potential employers, my bosses and my teachers can look at my resume, see articles I have posted about the industry and my beliefs, read my blog, and in general know the professional side of me. It’s a great way to put myself into the line of sight of people who can help me reach my goals. It is completely public, so I have separate “rules”, if you will, about posting there.

Microblogging is an easy one for me. You aren’t given enough characters to make a complete ass out of yourself (unless you really tried). It’s the perfect platform for sharing ALL the relevant and interesting articles you read, as well as seeing what your competition, as well as your consumers are up to. Personally I find it pretty difficult to mess this one up unless you are completely lacking in common sense/under 30.

My blog is a place where I post personal thoughts on a semi-professional level. I curb my euphemisms, watch my language and make darn sure things are spelled correctly and that my thoughts flow, not stutter. I want the right person to read this, see into what I believe in. I hope they find intelligence in my writings and the advice that I offer or opinions I give. It’s also important to me that people see that although I may have a different position on a topic, I can relate my position without hurtful inclinations towards the other side of the fence.

So with all that said, if your connections go past personal relationships, be AWARE of what you post! And where you post it! Don’t link your posts to all of your media outlets…some of your audiences really don’t care what you feel like. It’s not useful or relevant info…it’s like spam. Your grammar, the tone and the overall message may be seen by someone other than your besty. Do you want the person you just sent your resume to see “F*ck U *insert ex here*!! I dont need U n UR bullsh#t!” or “Gr8 2 B drunk”  when they search your name??



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