Lovin’ the Lama

When you think about the Dalai Lama what comes to mind? Peace? Compassion? How about social media?

Yup. The Dalai Lama tweets. He is on Google+. There is even a Dalai Lama Facebook page. And I for one think it’s fabulous! The messages of love, self-awareness and spirituality are just as he and the Dalai’s before him have written.  And what place could be better to reach the masses and spread your word than social media? Here is a taste of some of the wisdom as shared via social media 🙂

@DalaiLama-Dalai Lama 
We tend to forget that despite the superficial differences between us, people are equal in their basic wish for peace and happiness.
-This to me speaks directly to the cyber-bullies. The people who are online to offend and spark discord within others. We all just want to be happy, even if we don’t agree with each other.
Human beings are not intrinsically selfish, which isolates us from others. We are essentially social animals who depend on others to meet our needs. We achieve happiness, prosperity and progress through social interaction. Therefore, having a kind and helpful attitude contributes to our own and others’ happiness.

-Be kind and happy on your social media!! It’s contagious. So is depression and anger. I think that we need to also remember that social media is not a substitute for face to face social interaction!

And finally from Google+…

Dalai Lama  –  Nov 14, 2011  –  Public
Many people think that patience is a sign of weakness. I think this is a mistake. It is anger that is a sign of weakness, whereas patience is a sign of strength.
-Anyone can fly off the handle. Is it not easier to yell when someone p’s you off than to talk to them about why, how it made you feel, and forgive?
I think these are great. And the methods of delivery are fantastic. His first commitment, according to his “mission statement”, if you will, is to promote human values of compassion, tolerance, self-discipline, etc. Hopefully social media will spread that message to the people who really need to see it!
What do you think about spiritual leaders using social media to convey their message?




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