Tis the Season

Alright. Another Thanksgiving is in the bag. And I still have all my hair! Bonus.

Now it is time. My shrubs are to be outfitted with Christmas lights. The nativity will go up, the kids will draw straws for who gets to “babysit” Jesus until Christmas Morning. Cookies have been made with many more to come. I started to pull out Grandma Carol’s Christmas records from the 40’s. Awesome music to decorate, bake and drive to!

In another week or two we will go hunt down our tree. Sturdy, blue and fat…with sharp needles to keep kids and cats from touching. This poor thing will be decked with 8 strands of lights and 71+ ornaments. The ornaments are the best part of the tree. My kids and I have always received ornaments for Christmas. I have over 40 myself (I’m not that old, I’d get them from others on occasion, too) and the kids have at least 5 more than their ages. They all have meaning and are reflective of our personalities and our likes from that year. We enjoy seeing what we remember from that particular Christmas.

There are also the “Holiday” concerts. Elementary school concert, Middle school band, elementary strings. And of course, the Daycare concert. This one always makes me shake my head. The 4 and 5’s do well with their little renditions of Frosty and Santa Claus is Coming to Town, but the little little kids? Not so much. But yeah. Lots of entertainment.

I love Christmas. Here in Northern Wisconsin we have our snow, sometimes more than we’d like, but almost always guaranteeing a white Christmas. When night is blue and the flakes are drifting, we will walk around the neighborhood, looking at lights and singing Christmas songs. Some night we will drive around and look at the live nativities and spectacular light displays. Midnight mass on Christmas Eve is glorious at Saint Raphael’s. And on Christmas morning, the Madeline coffee cake is to die for.

What traditions does your family have?

27 more days until Christmas! I hope you all have a Merry and Bright one! God Bless.




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