And the Secret Ingredient Is…..


What drives people out of their comfort zones? Passion. For the task, project, idea. Maybe a passion for life. How can someone with no formal writing training blog daily? Passion. Why have people fought for rights, protesting? Passion for their cause.

I read a great article by Chris Brogan, We’re No Experts. Talks about how the net gives people like you and I the opportunity to be publishers (our blogs),  video producers (digital camera’s and YouTube), etc. Yet most of us, we’re not experts. We do it because we have passion. Passion for writing and story telling. Passion for helping people or maybe making them laugh.

When we live life with passion, we live life fully. Perfection is what you conceive it to be. A home video of your kid singing may be perfect to you. And you might want to share it. So do it! Do it with passion, with love and do your best. Being unafraid of imperfections lets your passion shine through; it’s not perfect, but it’s my passion and I want to share it.

We don’t need to be experts to blog, record video’s, create websites or make music. Passion is the key ingredient. If you love it, you can generally make it work (within reason 🙂 ). So go out there and live your passions!

Have a Great Day!!



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