A Post About Fashion. From Me. HaHa :)

I am so pathetic.

This thought hit me hard as my 13 year old and I were cleaning her room over break. Here she is, piling up her t-shirts she doesn’t wear. There I am, snagging up the screen printed ones like gold. I have the good fortune of being chest-less enough to wear anything over a girls 14, so yeah. When they dump, I switch out.

I’m sure you’re thinking “the fuck is the matter with you?” but I assure you, nothing. I have always been a t-shirt girl. And even in your…*sigh* 30’s you can still sport cute and fun. But like drinking, you MUST do it responsibly. Otherwise you will look like you are having a mid-life crisis. Like the mother portrayed in 1985 by Bowling for Soup….

So. How not to wear? Too small. Too big. Cartoon-y. But this much I hope you can figure out….

There are so many ways to wear ’em. Dressed up, down, whatever fits the occasion. And they can make you feel young, pretty, edgy or sexy. It’s all in the pairings. Wanna see my favs??

Skirt, leggings/tights, leg warmers, boots and a short cardigan sweater. Comfy, cute and warm.

Faded Jeans. Colorful Chuckies. Sparkly T with a blazer over the top. Switch the chucks with Pumps and you’re ready for a night out.

Boyfriend Jeans, chucks, t. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Dress pants, chucks, t, cardigan/blazer/hoodie-sweater.

S’OK, my staples are, I guess, t’s AND chucks. I love those, too 🙂

What are your wardrobe staples? How do you wear them with anything?



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