Shhh!! This is the Library!

It was Monday. We did our usual Monday night routine; Bubba goes to the older kids’ section, Stink and I hit the Thomas the Train bin. Then we play with the trains, do some puzzles and sometimes have a puppet show.

But this evening there were 3 little rapscallion brats running about, squealing and causing a nuisance.  

Now don’t get me wrong, kids will be kids. But in a public place there should be a parent at least checking on their children every 15-20 minutes when they’re under the age of 9. And boys.

No, I don’t think parents need to hover. But please pay attention! At least until their old enough or respectful enough to handle situations like the wicked looking librarian that kept coming over and scolding them. She reminded me a bit of a nun; her words were calm and rational yet you knew you were dead if you tried it again. Unless of course you were these kids. If you’re these kids you sneak off to a different area of the library to play ghost-tag until you spy your little buddy. Hiding behind the puppet stage…

I feel myself going into a rant about manners and kids and where the heck have they gone. So I shall stop. But I am appalled. I should be able to go to the library and have quiet play time with my boys. If I wanted a ruckus I’d have stayed home and tried to get time with them….oh. Sorry.

Since I’m not going to launch into said opinionated rant…

Chew on this: what is the cause of the decline in respect among our young people? Media? Parents? Friends? Tell us what you think!



One comment

  1. Justin Mazza · January 10, 2012

    I used to work in retail and I would cringe when parents would let their little ones run around wreaking havoc without any consequences.

    When I go to the library I expect peace and quiet.

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