Just One More Change…

I am completely confused at my posts this week. I had one for yesterday (Monday) and one for today, both posting this morning. Hmmm.

The scheduling of posts has been a God-send for me, there seems to be not enough hours in the day to work, let alone live. But as of late, the writing is becoming a little harder. The mind is full, but unfortunately the info filling it is relatively uninteresting, all related to my geekiness. My classes.

To take off a little of the pressure, and to share some of my favorite tunage, I have decided to make Mondays my musica day.
I know. Music Monday. Totally original :p. That’s why I’ll call it “For Your Listening Pleasure”, like Tuesdays post that was supposed to air Monday, but as my little rant above stated, didn’t quite work. This will help, though (at least here’s to hoping)! Then I can focus on my Tuesdays (Wednesday being a Hump Day quote) and Thursday-Sunday writings.

I hope you are not disappointed. I love talking to you all, and still will. Just a lot going on right now.

Have a wonderful day, see you tomorrow!!  🙂



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