Leveled the Field. Finally.

The weekend was a huge success. I am still sore. Bubba did great. Boo was a natural. And I got to spend a lot of time yakking with my dad.

We haven’t always had the best means of communication. He’d say dumb shit and I’d get my feelers hurt. Then I would just avoid anything more than casual conversation. This time, though, this time it was different.

We talked in depth about my daughter. He had ideas and I did too. We disagreed, but it was ok.
When the conversation turned, as it always does, to my online hobbies and networking, I let him do his schpeal, and then asked how he would hire a writer who doesn’t write? A social media marketer who doesn’t use social media? A web design/developer who isn’t online. :). I got an “Oh. Yeah I guess I get that”. Score! No more of that conversation.

And we simply enjoyed each others company.

I didn’t come home feeling like he was kicking me this time. I feel like I’m his grown up kids now. Finally. And it’s so good!

I recently had someone tell me my dad was awesome. I laughed and said “Yeah, well….”. But in his own way, he really is pretty awesome. In a stubborn old fart kind of way 🙂



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