Happy Birthday Bubba J!!!

9 years old. What an awesome age.

Bubba J has gotten a lot of living in; survived 8hrs of surgery at 17 months, camped, skied, paddled, walked in the woods, played with his grandparents, and his great gramma.

I am blessed with a highly intelligent, very loving, awesome kid. He is confident. Courageous. He stands up for his sisters, his family. The kindness that comes from the little dude is unmatched by many his age. He is very thoughtful and strives to be good.

He was such a funny child. He loved to pretend to talk to Gran on the phone. He teethed on pickles. And was ridiculously huge as a baby. He has always been busy, and chatty. Like Donkey from Shrek. His ADHD, though medicated, is clearly John. I couldn’t imagine him a quiet, shy child. I couldn’t imagine being without the only one who can keep up with me 🙂  I cannot complain. Not one bit.

I am blessed. Thank you, Lord, for such a great kid!!








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