More and more do I see the dorkinese genes making headway into my way of living….

It’s funny. As a kid, I had to (try to) be cool. As a 20-something I had to be sexy and fun. Now I’m in my 30’s. And I am more concerned with my studies and my work than anything else. But there’s more…

Do you ever sit and look at yourself and your habits and say “Geesh. Got some Monk going on”? Things you do seem a little OCD, habitual. You feel like the world going to fall apart if your house isn’t clean and your socks aren’t folded. And the other habits. Ugh 🙂

I’m not sure where mine come from, the little quirks I have. And if you have ’em too, that’s even better! Here’s my list, please share yours!!

  • Counting stuff. I count everything! Days til or from, stairs, and semis while I drive. It wouldn’t be such a bad habit, but sometimes I feel the need to tell people I have been counting…
  • Being cheesy. Every pic my mother has of me as a kid I was wearing this big ol’ smile. And I still do it. When I am happy, excited, or just feeling goofy I will cheese at people for no reason.
  • My laundry. Oh this is huge. And the one that really makes me feel OCD. I have a method. Darks, lights, whites and bright colors. Mine, The boys, then Boo. And if that routine gets flipped, I feel a little tense.
  • Over doing it. I get so paranoid that I am going to forget something for school, or be late with something that I will sit and do up 2 weeks worth of homework in a night. Even if it takes me til 1am.
  • Calling my Mum. It’s not co-dependence, but it is us. I feel off, a little gnarly, when I don’t talk to my mom.
  • That’s all I am admitting to this morning. But they’re all things that make me feel a little weird. Dorkinese, if you will.

    Now we all have these habits, what are yours??



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