Veg-aholics; Persons Addicted to Vegging Out

I have been seeing more and more “positive” research on video games. How it hones their critical and creative thinking. Their dexterity. And more and more people make claim that these games are not as destructive as the 90’s wanted us to think.

I can see where even games like World of Warcraft and Halo do hone the aforementioned skills. It is the destruction part that I so disagree with. Gaming, right along with the telly put the kids into a totally vegetative state. The veg-aholics. And it’s addicting.

My “lil bro” came over tonight to pick up Bubba J. We talked for a bit about his behavior. The attitude. There was a couple weeks a while ago in which we were all wondering if he was going to see 9. It was BAD. The fits got bigger and he became more and more rude to everyone around him. As I describe him, he was acting like a junkie. Peeved at everyone and everything unless he was gaming. Fits, yelling, and lying to get out of stuff so he could play. Soooo not cool! And that was at about 6 hours of gaming a week.
I finally just took em. Snagged up the godforsaken controller and took it to my desk. It sat there for the week. There were no vids, no Netflix. Was like the good old disconnected days. And the boy still lives!

By Tuesday he was willing to sit and do homework, practice his violin. He was eager to help make dinner and go to the store. He found interest in his legos and books again. The pull to veg out was gone. He was a different kid. And ONLY one thing changed. No TV.

Now I cannot say “the video games did it”. I’m not a fan of that way of thinking. But what I can tell you is that he cannot handle them. the vortex of being in that vegetative state sucks him right in and it is all downhill from there. I would be curious to see research on that; kids’ “addiction” and the changes in behavior associated with even minimal game time.

What do you think? Are we just looking for reasons to assure ourselves that it’s ok to let our kids veg out an leave us be?? I’m curious…




  1. linzster · February 26, 2012

    I think it might be a matter of what game. Watching TV is inherently passive, but playing games is not necessarily so. Some new books out even claim gaming can help kids develop the skills they will need to thrive in the 21st century…but for some people and with some games, I can definitely see how gaming can be a problem.

    • Amomand4kids · February 26, 2012

      Unfortunately, it’s not the content. He will get that way with Thomas the Train, as long as he can sit and start at the telly. Both of my girls and my younger boy can watch a couple shows a night and not care if it doesn’t go on the next day. Not Bubba J haha šŸ™‚
      I definitely agree with the content. Call of Duty was a terrible example to use in my fist publication. It skews a kid’s reality. Those have never been allowed around here. Anything that promotes realistic or graphic violence isn’t acceptable to me.
      Thanks for the comment, and for reading!

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