Home Pages 101 by Me :)

I have been trying really hard to not write about my work, about my classes. But when you’re tooling along absorbing previously absorbed information, it’s note-worthy when you have an ah-ha moment.
So if you are expecting parenting or humor or a story, this is not the post, my friends. It’s about web design/development/content!

It took me all week to read the chapters about home pages. What the hell did I need to read about how to lay out a homepage for?? Grrrr. So I sat down tonight and started reading. And lights went on everywhere. My will power is the only thing that has me even writing this post, the changes to be made in the current project…

Of course, I automatically linked the content of the chapter to the site I am building. I was very pleased, there isn’t a lot that must be done. But a few minor issues have to be resolved first. And I think they are some notable “rules” you might want to follow if/when you make your website.

  • Talking  your language instead of everyone elses is a hazard for designers who write content. I find myself referring to pages as my little “pet” names for them when I write “Click here to go to Stuff”.  (I know *hangs head*)But that bring me to point number 2….
  • If it’s hard to find (where’s the music? all I see is “stuff” WTF is stuff?), they won’t stick around to look. Photo’s and Tunes would be a better tab name..
  • Putting in too many words. There is a place to be wordy; your about page, you want to talk about yourself, sell yourself to the client, let the fans read about your band, talk about your company. But it wouldn’t get read on a homepage unless you demanded it. And that’s generally not the focus of it.
  • Leading visitors on a goose hunt. I get very frustrated when I think I know where I need to go in a site and it’s not where it makes sense to be. Then I have to start over. And it’s usually at a different site.
  • Avoid making them ask “what do I do with it?”. I made a splash page. Just a band picture. If you could figure out that you needed to click on it, it shrunk down and revealed an “Enter Site” button. If they could ever find the button. Changed the action to a fade-away and POW we have a click through ladies and gentlemen.

That’s really all I have. But I think if you can remember these few points, you will be right on your way!



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