Just for Grins

Stinky Pie’s Aunts mom passed away last week. Needless to say, at 4, he is still asking questions. About heaven, what happens, etx.

Death doesn’t really bother me. So the answers were coming quite easy. Then he asked when he would get to go to heaven. This choked me up a little. Even though it’s been 4 wonderful years that I’ve had him, it seems like yesterday that I though I was going to lose him. But I regained my composure and told him when he get’s older, I will go to heaven. Then he will come when he’s old.

“Older than Great Gramma??” (she’s 84)

“Yup. We’ll be together for a long time, Stink”.

“Ok.   Mama?”

“Yes, baby?”

“Will you dance with me when I come up? To Red Molly?”

“Of course I will, Stinky Pie”.

It’s amazing, the things we do that I don’t even think about. Dancing? We dance in the kitchen because we like to. Because I danced with my Mama. Did I know it means a lot to him? Nope. Not like that 🙂

Have a Great Day



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