Highly Disliking Internet Exploder Today

So I’m knee deep into my website. Building in Dreamweaver. It’s looking great. I run both Chrome and Mozilla on my laptop at home. I check, put, check, edit, put. All is well. Decide to check it in IE at home, too. Now I have no idea what version of IE is even on my desktop. I never use it. But I got this little split page up in the corner. Ok. Compatibility mode? Site still looks good.

Head to math class that morning. I’m a little early and all set to go, so I decide to check my site here. Holy Frijoles. Talk about looking like shit. The font was different, which I knew could happen, but I didn’t know it would change size, alignment, etc. And when you navigate? Everything blinks out. The same divs for each page flash and are not even close to being aligned the same as in the other browsers.

I wanted to cry.

But I didn’t. Headed to the loving resource of the internet to find out wtf the deal is with IE. I learned some interesting stuff as if I were writing all the code. A cool syntax tag that allows you to make multiple divs for IE and non IE. But I do NOT have the time for that. And it has been an epic fail, trying to write code into Dreamweaver….

The first thing I came across was Adobe Browser Lab. Super cool program. You put in an address and it will show you the page in tons of different browsers, so you know where your problems are. Check it out.

So that’s great. I get re-assured that the site at least looks good in 90% of the browsers. Deal 🙂

But now what.

This is where you can use the browser compatibility option in Dreamweaver. It checks your coding for compatibility against browsers (where I mentioned above; finding where your problems are? You can speed the check by checking only the ones you need to change). You get a nifty little report. Take said report to the Adobe CSS advisor website and see what they can do about your code.

So WHY?? What’s different?

I am super stoked to have found a fix. But I have to know. Why is IE SO much different than any of the browsers?? Why isn’t there a standard coding set out there to make every page look the same in every browser? I get the font thing, but this alignment problem? That’s just bullshit….



  1. linzster · March 4, 2012

    Good luck! The writing environment we use at my school refuses to operate in IE…we just stick with Chrome and especially Firefox. Still, some students try to use Internet Explorer…that’s when the nightmare starts!

    • Amomand4kids · March 4, 2012

      Unfortunately, my school is stuck on IE. I’m not sure of the pull for those who use it, but it’s terrible trying to get things the same in all of them.
      Thanks for the comment!

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