Spring Fever

It’s getting to that point of winter where everyone is tired of being in the house. They’ve watched everything on Netflix, games are suspended, and it’s been either too cold or too wet to play. Spring fever is creeping in.

But it was put to rest for a little while yesterday. The snow Friday stuck around in big, wet gobs. It was everywhere. And I strategically shoveled it into the backyard for a mini sleddin hill. Yesterday afternoon it was mild enough to keep it wet, and we went out and played.

Let me tell you what. It has been a long time since I went out and played with the kids. There hasn’t been the snow-as-usual around here this year. And I must have gotten a little lazy. I kinda hurt.


S’anyways, the kids and I built a snowman in the front yard. Complete with bike helmet, mittens, a scarf, carrot nose and a bobber and a ball for eyes 🙂 We had a snowball fight and built forts. Even miss anti-social Boo was in her snow pants, building with Stinky and Squid.

We came in the house, had hot cocoa, worked on the puzzle and had movie and munchie nite.

It was a real attitude adjuster. Everyone was in pretty decent spirits at the end of the night (though there was a bit of tired/crabby). The kids were snuggling and I even put off chores to sit on the couch and watch the movie (The Mighty Macks. Awesome. In RedBox).

It’s funny how when you do homework with them, talk at supper, and do quiet activities, you think that they should be content. But usually they’re not. At least mine are not. I cannot look back and see one instance where they were happier sitting than getting out and doing. You don’t feel agitated as you’re watching your show or reading your book. There are the moments when those are soothing activities. But they aren’t the only factor in making the world, or your life, go round.

Find an excuse, any excuse. And get out there! Doesn’t matter if it’s an hour or 6, skiing on a fancy hill or playing dodge snow balls and building. Gear up and don’t let the cold stop you! It’s the only relief for spring fever. A few weeks ago a friend said be patient. Well it’s not working…

Have a great Sunday 🙂




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