The Facebook Conundrum

When Boo turned 13 I lost one huge excuse….”Not only do I think you don’t need one, Facebooks rules say 13. Sorry”. After 4 days of waiting for mid-week, when I have time to breathe, to make that page, she decided to do it herself. I busted her out and locked it up for a week, we made rules and an agreement and it’s been kosher ever since.

Thankfully, she is an awesome kid. She follows the rules and doesn’t give me problems. She has good friends, and is social enough that Facebook doesn’t have much of a hold on her. I have noticed, though, that she has been friending, and getting accepted by some of my friends.

Now I’m not really mad at anyone for it. Facebook is for connecting. But it is a really confusing situation, without a good answer. See, not all of the adults I know have the privacy optimized for kids. In some cases, my kids are the only kids older than 3 they know. Why would they have a “kids”, or a “besty’s only” list? They don’t. Privacy isn’t a concern, censoring themselves isn’t a concern. She can see just as much as I can in some cases.

Furthermore, I don’t get 2 why’s. 1) Why would an adult want to friend their friends’ kid? and 2) WTF happened to common courtesy i.e. a phonecall or text that says “hey! your kid sent me a fb request, is it OK?” (I did get one from my Texas Besty, and my buddy D, though. Thanks guys!).

I guess I’m wondering if I’m being too harsh about this. Is it just the netiquette taking away our good manners? The norm? I don’t know. I just don’t get why my friends need to be friends with a kid on Facebook. Thoughts?



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