Finding Design Inspiration

I think I have mentioned that I am working on designing a couple sites. It is an awesome experience, and full of stuff to learn and figure out.

Over the course of my adventure, with the troubles with IExploder and things like that, I pretty much have laying out the site down to a science. I know what tags do what, have figured out spry and nesting. Due to my daily writing habits, the content part is coming pretty easy for me as well.
Then there is the design. And when you are “design, development, & content”. Yeah. You should probably care about design. An ugly-ass site isn’t going to do anything good for anybody.

So I sent out the link to one of the sites. Then I took a good look at it. I can’t quite articulate what I was feeling. Dread? Oh damn? Not too sure.But it was blinding. Hard to look at. The color was shades brighter than on the design software. Damn, damn, damn.

Fortunately, my friend for whom I’m building this, was gracious enough to point out the fact that it was not friendly. But not only that, she sent me links to things she likes. Superb! I must always ask for that…

Now I have the general look accounted for. But colors need to be ironed out. And at that point my brain wanted to explode. Break time. I took a stack of magazines out to the garage and had a smoke. Flipping through Better Homes and Gardens I came across the little paint can covers; color schemes that work. Hallelujah. I began to flip through each one, tearing out the pages with anything from color combinations to textures in the bedroom. This was a design Jackpot.

You may think I am cracked. It’s home decor. Wall paint. And “A classic powder room”.  But if you take out the sink, change the wall to a monitor and the throw pillows to sidebars, you can see how textures, colors and patterns layer, match and compliment eachother. It’s great for ideas, and the work of matching has already been done.

Armed with pages of inpiration and sites to take in, I’m confident I can crank out what is needed. And I’m fortunate enough to be working with someone who isn’t afraid to say “change that!” Thank You!!


…..Where do you get ideas for color and layout design??


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