To List or Not to List

Being in my content writing class, and having to write these things anyways, I might as well share with the people I like; yous guys 🙂

If you have spent any time at all on my blog, you have seen me use lists. And the question in class this week just happened to be “Do you find lists and tables useful? How do you use them? What suggestions do you have on using them?”. I love this class.

Of course, lists can be very useful. Tables, too. I use them to sort/make easy to find information and points. Lists can be used for steps, suggestions, and points to remember. Tables work well for comparing numbers. Size charts. Pricing guides.

But we all probably get that. But I have some suggestions for creating lists that were found through trial and error, as well as from seeing well laid out, and poorly laid out lists.

  • Be conscious of your reader. Make your list easy to understand, and read. Avoid  running the line under your bullet, and don’t get all technical in your writing. Make extra information understandable, and to the point.
  • Does the list make sense? Easy to get “wrong” with unordered lists, if you have things that are optional, but kind of go together don’t put one atop and one on the bottom.
  • Make the bullet agree with the list. Use bullets for general info. Letters and numerals for reasons why, things to think about. Numbers represent things that have to go in order! And only use colored bullets or photo bullets if it won’t confuse the reader.
  • Don’t make a list just to make a list.
  • Bold your main point. And start with it. If you have other things to say, leave them “normal”. It will allow people who don’t need the extra info to get it fast. 

Lists are helpful and powerful. They can allow your blog or site visitors to “grab and go” information, if your goal is to give them some. If you are the most user-friendly resource, they will use your site more often. And tell people.

Hope it helps! Have a great weekend 🙂



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