What’s This Now?

My Mum called me the other day; “I have something for you to blog about.” Very matter of fact. I could tell by her tone that she was not happy.

Apparently some dumb shit wrote a book about how terms like blackball and blacklisted are racist. Using the term black and associating it with something derogatory is completely unacceptable. We should be ashamed. How awful we should use this kind of language.

It is a very sketchy line to be drawing, and assumption to be making about these terms that have been around ever so long, and have never been associated with people of color, just people with a colorful and not so great background. And a pretty dirty deal, in the case of black ball. What it has to do with race, though, I’m not certain. But the things this can do to society’s outlook is incredible. When assuming these terms as racist, you are also connecting the speaker with that “stereo type” of being racist for saying that. Which only breeds more contempt and hatred. Because some guy had to go getting media with something some people love to argue. adding fuel to the fire.

People have lost common sense. If you walked around and asked people what they thought the colors white and black represented, you would be much more likely to hear “good and evil” rather than white people and black people. Angels are white, God is robed in white. The light is white. And the darkest gates of hell? Black. The good witch? Light pink. Wicked witch? Black.

I see this as a grand example of idiocracy seeping into the pores of society.  Yes, I am aware. There are some nasty racist people out there. Their language and references are mean, their rants hard to listen to. There are people who really are prejudice towards the poor, and the people who have made bad decisions in the past (if you’re still making those poor decisions, that’s another issue entirely). But that’s not what it’s about. Some fool is stirring an already bubbling pot, adding to the mix so in time it will explode. Feeding the idea that you should suspect people who use those terms. To see that they’re racist, prejudice, etc, to whomever will take it. Isn’t that a form of prejudice as well??

What do you think? Is society becoming ridiculously sensitive? What is the point of a book like this? To “educate”, or just poke? Let us know in the comments!



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