Screw You!

It was one of those weekends to die for. Sun was out, shorts and tank tops on, kids were all amiable. Spent it outside, the whole thing.

I woke up Saturday morning with every intention of building a patio. I have a wonderful patio table and chairs with nothing but the basketball court/driveway or uneven backyard to put it on. Ridiculous. I want to have my patio.

My girlfriend called me about 8 “What’s your plan this weekend?”.

“I’m building a deck”.


“Yup. Tell lil bro to get his a$$ in gear, my house, noon”. 🙂

I ended up with 2 helpers, my lil bro and their neighbor and her hubby. But before we go into that, Menards.

I love Menards. Their staff is generally helpful and knowledgeable. But of course, when I am on a mission, there seems to be no one around to direct me. No One. I knew more about the questions I was asking than they did. After about 45 minutes I was able to hunt someone down to assist me.
You see, I knew what I was trying to do. I knew how many pieces of wood for the decking, joists, frame, etc. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missiing anything. I am just a girl, you know….

Once I have my paperwork and supplies, I headed up to the check-out. Lets do this! Or not.
See on this estimate, there was a $79 bucket of screws. I didn’t want a $79 bucket of screws. I wanted four – $16.99 boxes, so I could take some back if I didn’t need it. So instead of grabbing the bucket, I grabbed the four boxes. Get up to the checkout, tell the girl what I did, and the total bill is $140 more than the estimate, with $40 accounted for in float posts.

“Whoa wait a minute” I tell the girl. “What’s the other $100 on here?”

“Well I couldn’t take off the bucket of screws”.

Now mind you, I asked the guy when we were doing the little estimate tool, that I didn’t want the hardware on there, it seemed excessive (and was) and I would grab my own. I got an “Ok, but there isn’t anywhere to take it off the estimate”. Ok then…

I tell the checkout chica this. She wipes out the transaction and rings me back up. Exactly the same way. I told her it was still there, she erased it again and said I would just have to buy the bucket, return it and get the screws I wanted. WTF really?? By this time, Stinky is bored and either wants to go or wander the store. Bubba J is hungry. And I am tired of being there. So I said screw it. Screw the damn screws, and screw Mendards!,  got the bucket, went to the yard and got my lumber and went home.

And the fun began. Between 2-6pm two girls and one guy kicked out an 8x10ft floating patio :). The last of the screws were going in as I was pulling out the corned beef and cabbage.

Isn’t it amazing what a little food motivation, and real friendship does for a person? I made closer connections with two  great people. Had fun with the people I love. Have something (aside from a sun burn) to show for it.

Good Times. Goooood Times 🙂



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