The History of My Woods

With the warm weather, I always get an itch to go up north. I know now isn’t the time, the trails and forest roads will be gross, and it’s not nearly warm enough.

Still, the images of the woods, the roads, and the big blue sky creep into my daydreams. While shoveling that last snow, working in the yard, or shooting ball that place is always near and dear.

It’s how much care has been taken to preserve these places out in the middle of no where. So many people came together for our nations parks back in the 30’s. They came for a job, but it became a passion.

The Dunbar chapter of the CCC, or Civilian Conservation Corps, sculpted and laid out the park the kids and I go to, as well as all of the fire roads in the area. When you take into consideration the acreage that is covered during the travel of these roads, the task is daunting, to say the least. And all without much damage to the forest. These members of the CCC fought fires, floods, and snow to assist the neighboring communities. Their efforts created some of the most beautiful places, all over the united states. They were the EMT/FD and superman all rolled into one.

When you drive through these woods, you can see the love that was put into making it the peaceful escape it has become for many. One is able to drive for hours, even days through the wilderness, finding adventures, lakes, and parks where you would least expect it.

Every so often you will come across a shrine. Just a little circle made of rocks with a statue of the Virgin Mary in the middle. Maybe an old rosary. Hunters and wanderers used to get lost in those woods. They would finally stop and pray, sometimes for days. Their prayers are still evident today.

The place is beautiful. Magic. And I can’t wait to return to the woods, wander, and dream.

Where’s your peaceful happy place? Do you know its history?



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