Know Your Limits. And Respect Them.

The college I work at is holding a sewing expo this weekend. Registration was closed with 596 people as of Friday. A prett large event.

Six weeks ago the head honcho’s admin assistant called me. “We need your help with data entry. When can you float to this campus?”. Ugh. Really? I don’t like data entry. And I don’t like to call people. But it’s my job to be the go-to girl and I’m not going to let people down. I started spending the afternoons over there, entering people into their classes, calling for alternate choices and to inform of full sessions. About four weeks into it, they dropped the bomb. I will be the admin for the show. The lady I have been working for has training. All day. Both days.

I have never done anything remotly close to this. I almost took an event class, but that’s my extent of even trying to administrate an event, especially one of such porportions. I am an intern. NOT Ms. call her if you have problems, issues, need new class passes, name tags, if there’s a mix up. Or so I had thought.

After donning my big girl panties and winging it (from the “Cult of Done Manifesto” : ” #4 – Pretending you know what you’re doing is almost the same as knowing what you are doing, so just accept that you know what you’re doing even if you don’t and do it”) I began to take notes. And any time M (the head-head honcho of the thing) would say “You have to remember to do…. before you take off Friday” I’d put it in my alarm. Friday. 9 p.m. Balloons in paper room, room signs, candy, linens. With a double alarm. The event ends at 8:30. I’ll R2:D2 at 8:30 then again at 9.

When she asked me what I was doing, I told her. She thought it was ingenious. I told her I knew my limits. I will get done, or what I consider it to be, and leave. Without moving the balloons, putting away the candy, exchanging the linens. It’s my job to do it so I need to make sure it gets done. However that is.

Whatever it may be, from remembering appointments to getting enough sleep, I know what I have to do to get it done. And it’s not too hard, finding out your limits. They show themselves regularly. In work, home, and play.

Look at your life. Do you remember appointments without writing them down? Kids events? Their sports? When you go to sleep at night do you toss and turn, or find yourself up starting laundry you forgot or getting something ready to mail in the morning? Those instances are where you find your limits.

 When you know your problem area’s you have to, just like the 12 steps, admit you struggle with it. If you deny that you can’t remember things, you won’t put a reminder app on your phone. You won’t buy a sticky calendar for the van. Or an in-and-out box for your “parental control station”….or desk.

It’s not always a smooth transition, but you will love how much time you get back when you can admit to yourself you’re not perfect (and especially as the all powerful single parent, it can be hard) and fix fix fix. It takes away stress to give up that worry, which is also a great way to help keep your sanity. And when life is as busy as it is, with people to keep track of, that sanity can be hard to come by. Respect your body and brain telling you “I need a little help here!!”. These flaws don’t make you weak. They make you you!!  



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