I’m Supposed To Be Working

It’s about 9:41 pm on Monday. I should be writing meta and combing for code errors. But I’m not digging it. I am already over a week ahead of my deadline. It’s not even on today’s to-do list. It’s all good.

It has been a long week already. I want to scream “OH SHIT!!” at the top of my lungs. My mom used to tell me “When you’re feeling down and out, raise your head up high and shout “Oh Shit!”. But that’s not terribly productive. And I’d probably wake the kids. It’s really not even a big thing. Just a buncha little ones. My mind is racing but I cannot even pin down a thought. It’s just a bunch of gibberish. Got the pod rocking, hoping for inspiration. I hear the music, it’s Def Leopard, Pour Some Sugar On Me lol….

My dad was supposed to call back. It was the damndest thing. I called him around 7pm and he sounded….out of sorts. Like there was something not-very-cool going on. “I’m in the middle of something. I’ll call you back. I don’t know when, but tonight.”. That’s SO not my dad. So of course I wonder. I don’t want to call my mom and ask her; if she doesn’t know, she will worry.

After a week off school, staying with my brother, my kids have forgotten where they live and how things work around here. There have been more not-listening incidents in the last 2 days than in the last month. And holy cow have I had it. Took the power for the 360, and the whole wii unit. No games, or television. No moms lap-top. The frivolous things are gone. G-O-N-E until little people remember themselves. Mum’s done.

A good friend of mine is struggling right now. It’s hard to see. She’s turned into a completely different person over the last 3 months. I’m not sure what it is or why, but it makes me sad. Her words and actions are pretty hurtful to those around her. Just filled with negativity. And although I’ve been around it, I just don’t understand negativity. I dislike being confused. So the situation sucks.

BUT!! I’ve taken over as webmaster for my dad’s company 😀 STOKED about that. I got handed a large, confusing, text heavy, ugly-ass website and made it b-e-a-utiful. That’s the one I should be cleanin’ right now. But I did a lot in a little bit of time. I have even impressed myself. And my dad loves it. Haha, a paying freelance client. Goal achieved.

I’ve landed my 22nd subscriber. I set the bar for 15. Surpassed!! When I started blogging, I was stoked about 2 views a day. Sometimes, I even get 40 now. I know it’s nothing compared to the 1500 some people have, but I’m not some people 🙂 And I’ll have you know that y’all make my day every day!

My gardens are totally weeded. I’m getting dirt soon. I will be able to plant in a few weeks!! Finally.

Soccer season starts soon. Oh heck yeah!! Boog isn’t playing this year, and that kind of bummed me out. But Stinky starts and Bub J is on his 5th year. Super stoked about that, too. I love being a soccer mom!

Oh and I’ve got a super stellar weekend coming up in May. I take my last math test on the 10th: I will have completed everything for my degree (OMG I never thought I’d see this day)!! Mothers day is the 13th…my day with my babies! And a road trip in betweeen. AND my fave band ever. BONUS!! Mom’s taking the kids; no worries! And that’s a great feeling, and I’m even getting it for a pleasure weekend instead of a work one this time!

….see there? Moral of the story is that once you get through the crap, there’s usually a flower. Or something. AND the good will usually outweigh the bad if you allow yourself to see it. The glass is 50% beer and 50% air. That’s 100%, or full, baby!

Thanks for Listening 🙂



One comment

  1. blendingchaos.com · April 19, 2012

    I L-O-V-E your attitude! It seems were a lot alike. But different. I guess that’s possible!!

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