Learn Something New

“You learn something new every day”. Ever heard that? I suppose for the most part it’s true. Why we don’t see it? Because most of the stuff we learn doesn’t affect us.

I mean really. When is the last time you thought to yourself “Damn. Didn’t learn a thing today.”? I have a challenge for you. But first lemme tell you a little story. I like to tell stories. 🙂

As busy as I am generally, speaking, my work day is filled with finding things to do most of the time. Being an intern, I suppose you’ll have that. But it got me thinking about how I got into the funk.

I realized that all of the classes I am taking are simply protocol. Things I already know and do. My homework and reading assignments are “just another things to do”. Time suckers. I like the subject matter, plus I’m keeping/honing my skills. That’s great. But I’m not gaining any skills. And that sucks.

Aside from math. I’m learning new math. But I don’t like math. And to be meaningful, you have to like what you’re learning.

Tuesday afternoon I learned something new. I spent 4 hours in a seminar on SEO. I walked out of that feeling like a champ. I had wanted that information. Needed it to further my background. My spirits soared, I had gotten so much out of it. I shared with my kids and my parents. I was on cloud 9. I got what I needed and that feels great. And I immediately saw the benefits.


I challenge you to learn something new every day.

Why? When you learn something new, your feelings benefit. Your confidence skyrockets. You just plain feel better. You eliminate a stressor (if you have a question) and you smile. If you use your kids to learn from, you’re also strengthening the bond.

As an adult, it may seem like a daunting task to learn something new every day. You are probably reading this thinking “This chick’s a nut job”. But it’s easier than it seems. Once I started thinking about all of the places you can learn stuff, many of these things are right in front of us.

3 Easy Ways to Learn Something New

All it takes is asking questions! How awesome is that??

    1. Your Kids ~ What’d you do at school today? 
      Think of all the times your child told you what they did at school that day. Did you know what everything was? When my girls first came home with lattice math I was thinking “What the heck is this crap?”. They showed me. I still found is rather useless but I learned what it was never the less. BONUS~you interact with your kids and let them teach you something. They love that. Makes them feel special and important. And they should, ’cause they are.
    2. Your Bookshelf ~ What can you teach me?
      If you are anything like me, somewhere in you house you have your old text books. And dictionaries and encyclopedias. Pick something you find interesting. Sit down with the kids and pick a topic. Even if you know the topic, there’s usually something you’ve either forgotten or skipped over the first time. It promotes family time and encourages your kids to learn even when they don’t have to.
    3. Your Network~How do I do this?
      If you have a social media platform that is more related to your business than personal life, this is where I’m talking. The hitch is that sometimes it’s digging deeper than just checking your news feed. I will see an interesting article about something I’m doing and see if there’s anything I can take away. But you can also look for the things you wish you knew. Many of them are right there in our connections. Someone has the answer. And that’s part of the point, so ask away!

Ok. There’s the ground work. So go learn stuff. Then let us know how it benefiitted your life!



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