You Can Learn a Lot From Weeds

It was a couple weekends ago now. I was unwinding in my garden; ripping out weeds. It’s amazing how the mundane tasks in life can lead you to do some serous reflecting on life. I like to reflect out-loud. Though my kids say I’m talking to myself…

“Damn things. Damn things grow no matter what you try to suppress them….hmmmm. We all should be more like weeds. You know? Humanity does a lot more pissing and moaning than action. Every thing is SO HARD  *cue whining. Boo freaking hoo I say. Lookit these damn weeds. It doesn’t matter! Sand, rocks, clay, they will THRIVE. They get over their circumstances and be all they can be. 
 And the hell of it is that they may be shitty for out elegant cultivated plants, but some of them are quite beautiful.”


In that reflection this post was born. I began writing it, stopping right back there <—-.

A couple days later I went on Facebook. And I looked at Peter Shankman’s page. I LOVE his stuff. He’s good-humored, adventurous, and highly intelligent. An all around good follow.  S’anyways, this is what I see:

Spot On!! BE A WEED. kwitcherbitchin, put on your growed-up drawers and get on with it.

Thing to be Learned From Weeds

  • Do YOUR Thing ~ If you go for it with all you have, you will get it. No matter how many people rip you down in the process.
  • Grow Fast! ~ Suck up as much knowledge as you can hold. You’ll be ahead of the curve in no time!
  • Drop a ton of seeds ~ Networking can get you wherever you want to know. Introduce yourself and hand out your card wherever you go. Referrals will start coming!
  • Be Confident ~ For job hunters: It doesn’t matter if your competition is bigger and badder than you! If you
    knock ’em dead in the interview, you’re theirs. Freelancers; be proud of your work. Don’t make excuses.
    Show them you are the best of the best.

Of course, you don’t want to take on the poisonous characteristics of some weeds. Bad for business. But being a low-key weed? That’s a good thing. Don’t you think??



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