So…Did The TV Buy The Chips n Shove ‘Em Down Their Throats, Too??

I read an article in Time (online) last week.

In a nut shell the article states that the more TV kids watch, the more junk they eat. Uhm. Duh!

So by now y’all probably know where I stand on all this. I won’t go into depth with my fix-it, no. This is a rant post. Because I am tired of these articles. It makes the parents of the 65% of obese people look like complete idiots…That’s over half the adults in the country lacking common sense.

The article goes a little into the marketing being unhealthy. Yes.  The sneaky marketers for McDonalds and Frito-Lay target the kids. But in the end, it is NOT the childs fault. Not their fault for eating what their PARENT bought at the store. Not the TV’s fault for making them hungry. There are many places that get blame here, but no place does it explicitly say “It is the PARENTS fault”. For (A)  buying the shit in the first place and (B) allowing them to be couch potatos.

Which brings me to the big no-brainer in the article; TV watching leads to patterns that foster childhood obesity.

Are we, as a collective society, so moronic that we cannot see what is happening to the “future leaders” of our country?? What is going to happen to the world, the environment, the economy if we continue to accept that this is “Just the way it is, now” and raise a bunch unhealthy people?

I mean seriously, if you haven’t enough common sense to take care of your body, will you have enough sense to take care of our Earth??

That is all.

Have a gread day!



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