5 Things You May Not Know

Been wasting a lot of time searching for jobs. Reading all I can about interviewing and searching for that big break.

Was on twitter for a bit, looking at the few jobbers I follow. I saw a tweet in my feed: Popeye and Identity. Hmmmm…..

Now I don’t think that a lack of identity is my problem. But I think a confidence in my identity, now that’s a posibility.

So I decided to dive in. I like Popeye. Good read. It talks about how knowing what you are good at and who you are makes you more apt to sell yourself; you know your strengths and weaknesses.

I keep going back in my head to a bullet points from the article:
What do you know about yourself that generally others don’t know and you keep to yourself?

Well, if I’m supposed to be acknowledging these things and telling people, what better place than here??

I’m going to go with 5. The

The “I’m…” List

  1. I’m Quiet

    When I’m out and around, I love to observe things. I will listen intently until I can participate, but sometimes would rather listen. I don’t say much, unless in company where I have a lot to say. 🙂 i.e. Tam, Dougie & Manda

  2. I’m Self-Motivated

    This is from being a mom, but I am on top of shit like nobody’s business. No one has to tell me to do the wash, cook, do the dishes, make the menu, check bags, etc, etc, etc. It’s just natural. Things must get done.

  3. I’m a Geek

    I think I have the right to say that, now that I can speak elementary HTML lol. But I love all things web. Design, development, content writing, SEO, researching, Social Media, photo sharing. OMG.

  4. I’m Great at What I Do

    It doesn’t really matter what task you set me to, or I set myself to, for that matter. I do not fall short for myself or the company I work for. I am proud of what I do and proud of my name. The association must be positive!

  5. I’m Adaptive

    My personality revolves around the philosophy of kindness to others. I can mingle with people 2x my age and talk to the 13 year old friends. I do love stability in income, home, man…someday, etc, but I like to run the gamut of my abilities.

Ok. Now it’s your turn.

In my writing, what do you see as some of my personality traits? Some of the things I should be proud of? Even things that need to change! If you know me for real, even better.

Let me Know!! Please and Thank You 🙂



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