When Your Good Kid Goes Stupid

Generally speaking, I have few troubles with Boog. Granted, she can be a snarky, crabby teeny-bopper at times, but she is 13.

Tonight, though? Tonight she decided to come home at 10. Curfew is 7.

Not even cool.

And considering she is NEVER out past 8, I freaked out. Like totally panicked. Called the OPD n everything. I was scared. She doesn’t do this crap. I’m still angry with her.

But being angry doesn’t fix. So tonight, I leave it alone and brainstorm here, with you. Not like I can sleep….

I’m already aware of

A) Not blowing up.
It’s sooooo hard to not, too. But what does it do? They don’t listen when you yell, 99% of the time. And this is important for them to hear.

So what then?

Whispering gets their attention way more than yelling. Once you have it, and they don’t get all defensive, y’all can talk.

Though if you simply cannot even swallow talking to them (where I’m at),

C)Sleep on it.
I told her that she scared the hell out of me. I informed her of her grounding. She thought about getting snotty till I let her know it was NOT a good idea to be a snot right now. And so she’s in bed and so am I.

Tomorrow her and I talk. What I’ll say? Working on it.

So this morning, we did talk. My first focus

1)Let her Know
How I felt. And what it did. Our conversation went something along the lines that I was very scared. And when she came home and I knew she was safe, it went from scared to disappointed in her. That she’s better than this behavior and her poor choice last night made me feel like she does not care.

Boog needed to hear the effects that her behavior had on the house. Once I got that through to her (I knew it hit home when she started to cry), I had to

 2)Find a Resource
Considering she pulled this crap the day before summer break started, I had to do some quick thinking about what I was going to do with her. I work ¾ time and the plan for the summer was to let her be a big girl. She’s now 13, she could be responsible for herself. Or so I had thought. I called in all my friends and family and came up with a game plan.

Then there was one last thing I needed to do.

 Beck needed to know what was to “become of her” for the summer. It had to be said, what was going to go on, where she would be,  and what she would be doing over these next few weeks. During this conversation, I also told her how to get herself out of the pickle she ended up in.

I don’t want to be too harsh. She’s generally a really good kid. Communication and love are things I readily get from her.

Maybe it’s the summer. The thrill of being out of school. Maybe it’s a bit of PMS. Whatever it is, sometimes, no matter how good they are, they will have an occasional bout of stupidity.



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