Instilling Confidence

The benefits of raising a confident child are immeasurable.

  • Confident kids are willing to try new things.
  • When they’re confident, they learn better
  • Confidence helps them make friends
  • And good decisions
  • When a kid is confident they aren’t afraid to ask questions
  • Or meet new people
  • And confident kids become confident young people, then confident adults

As a parent we must keep in mind that building confidence in our kids does NOT mean showering the little runts with un-earned praise. Taking that approach only breeds ego’s and cockiness; a notion that they can do no wrong. And that will only create confusion as they grow up and start hearing how perfect they aren’t.

You may be asking yourself now “How do I instill a healthy confidence in my kids”? I have a few ideas for you…

  1. Let them Try.
    It’s so easy to let our fears of what could be stop us from letting our kids try new things and be independent. From a young age, kids are curious, and even more so if they have older siblings. Aside from operating a motor vehicle, diving off the diving board and biking across town, don’t tell them “You’re too little”. That’s generally our fears talking, not a legitimate threat.
  2. Let them Fail.
    Allowing your kid to try will undoubtably end up in failure sometimes. And that’s OK! When things don;t work out and they fall on their rumps, show them they can pick themselves up. Help them understand why it happened. And encourage them to try again!
  3. Teach them that Can’t is not a word.
    My youngest is a big “I can’t” kid. He loves to tell people that he can’t get his shoes on. Or his shirt on. I always counter with “Well you have to”….and he does. Then we talk about how he said he couldn’t but he did. Can’t is not a habit to get into.
  4. Always be there.
    When they know that whatever they like, dislike, do or don’t do you will be there for them, it makes them more confident. It’s easier to be brave when you know you have excellent back up.

I guess that’s it. It’s a hard thing, sometimes, but one of the most important things to teach them, especially when they are little. Because if they don’t become confident in them selves and their abilities and dreams, they will not go forward. They’ll sit there wishing they were something else instead of creating that something else!

How do you inspire your kids to believe in themselves??



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