How To….I Think

Since I seem to be on a kick about time, distance, and relationships, I thought I’d give my thoughts on how the hell to have them. 🙂 As a single girl, I tend to really run into the winners, until this time. And, guys, let me tell you, he’s got this down….

Too many times you meet people and the first thing that they want to do is engage in….acts. Men seem to think that if they don’t make a move they’re never going to see you again. Personally, if you make a move right out the gate, you’re doomed.

Now granted, because the above is generally the case, when a guy doesn’t make any kind of a move at all they have to somehow make it known they still like you. A daunting task,  I know. But it’s not that hard, and the impression will be something that will never die in her eyes.

So you’re not making a move. Not being a perv. Not thinking with your junk even if you really are. I’m sure this leaves some guys dumb-founded. Then what do I do?? Got a couple pointers for ya.

  • Talk to her.
    Especially for someone like me (single mom), it’s important for us to know that you are interested in something other than sex. We want someone in our lives that, at the least are going to be able to hold a conversation. One’s hard pressed for adult interaction when they live with 3 kids
  • Let Her Know You’re Thinking of Her
    Even if it’s just a “Hey how’s it going”, it means a lot
  • Make an Effort
    If she wants to see you, she will make an effort. Distance won’t matter to her if she likes you. If you like her, make it not matter to you either!
  • Be Cause of a Smile
    There’s nothing that makes the heart soar like a smile…give her a reason to!
  • Keep your hands to yourself!!
    I you’re looking to make an impression, keep your hand to yourself. Hand holding, that’s cool. We like to hold hands. But don’t feel her up, and for God sakes don’t  go out touching others.
Off the top of my head, those are the most important things I can think of. If you want to make a (positive)  impression, here you go. Instructions included:)
Have a great day!




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