Tunes and Pics

I slacked a bit on the pics this weekend. But I must say, it was wonderful!

Spent Friday night and half of Saturday in Milwaukee with the man. Fish fry, a bit of drinking, lunch at Miller Park. Super stellar 🙂

Saturday afternoon and Sunday were uneventful, lots of house cleaning and laundry.

Becca did discover that she can cook! And that’s awesome. It made me super happy. Cooking runs through our veins!

For the tunes this evening, I’ve got some Doors for you. One of my favorite jams; 5 to 1.


Thirsty Thursday


Miss Boo’s scrabble Live Laugh Love 🙂


Had lunch Saturday at Miller Park. Super cool!


The boyfriends awesome little Charlie man


A beautiful end to a fabulous weekend


Boo’s little friend pistachio lol


She Cooks!!

Hope Ya’ll had a great weekend and wonderful Monday!



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