Bubba J Gets an Attitude Adjustment

It’s amazing what a little change in attitude can do for a person….

Mr. Bubba J has had a rough last few weeks. His ears have all but fallen off, and his attitude has gone right down the toilet. For apparently no reason at all.

This behavior is not only upsetting, but it is dangerous. We are upon the busiest week in the city, EAA. There are people from every state and 90% of the countries in the world. And Bub doesn’t seem to see the big deal about taking off and not coming home on curfew, or even telling me where he’s going.

Fear tactics didn’t do anything. I told him about kids getting snatched. About what happens to some of them; we read a couple news articles and stuff like that.

The stripping of privileges; games, TV, toys, friends, had no effect either. He would simply wait for me to leave and take off on his bicycle while his sister/babysitter was still sleeping.

It finally came down to taking him to his fathers house. Now, Bub’s dad is not very active in his life. He’s not around much, and to be honest, the guy is a bit of a dick. But I had no where else to take him and it needed to stop. I wasn’t going to spend another day worrying about what he was doing or where he was.

Boy oh boy did that change his attitude. If I’d have known, I think I would have done it a couple weeks ago. I’m not sure what changed, what conversation was had, but let me tell you what. The attitude was adjusted.

How do you get your kids to adjust their attitudes when it seems like nothing will work?



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