Save the Kids

As of late the sheer stupidity of humanity has really begun to rear its ugly head again. Or maybe I am just in better positions to notice…. Either which way, it’s crap.

What is it that I’m referring to? Here’s the list:

People are jealous. Even envious of others. Their stuff. Their friendships. Their relationships. Have we really become such a society to judge the quality of our lives upon another’s?

It seems that there’s a lot of this going on, too. And not only not having respect for others, though that’s disgustingly prominent, but for themselves. Maybe I’m being old fashion here, but when a woman walks around with next to nothing on, one can only assume that they feel their body as an object is all they’re worth.

All about ME!! Well, not me. I’m way over that. But you know…say whatever and do whatever because whatever I am is ok. Even if it’s vulgar and disgusting. And no matter who it offends. And I think that’s the hook. I am not prim and proper but half the time. But I know when to hold it and when to show it.

Or the lack of it. Anything that goes to crap is not their fault. The man didn’t do this or my mom should have done that. But never I screwed up. Or I was too lazy or I lost my temper. It’s someone else’s fault not theirs.

The million dollar question here is this: How do we make the next generation see the light??

Really, this is it. There are just different facets of it.

Being responsible for their cleanliness, their garbage, rooms, and actions is a must-teach. My kids are still learning parts of this and sometimes it drives me wild. Not being able to be responsible for themselves leads to excuses. And grown-ups who are filled with excuses are pretty much useless.

Kids don’t always have a good grasp on what impact their actions have. I have found that the easiest way to show how even the smallest things make a difference is litter clean-up. It gives true measure to how even if everyone only litters once, it can turn in to 4 Wal-mart bags of garbage a month from one small lagoon.

I see so many kids who do not have to interact with their families. There’s no meals, no Saturday chores, they haven’t got to be in until 9pm. How can kids see the family dynamic and learn what it takes to have successful relationships if they haven’t got to be a part of it?

For me, that’s how I roll with the kids. Family, self, and community. Have respect for whatever you encounter. It will not only make a difference in your world, but in your community as a whole. 

How do you keep your kids from the bad habits?



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