La la la…Maybe?

So y’all know. I don’t gush. Just not that girl. Maybe I’m a bit…intoxicated at this tome of writing, maybe I am just totally feeling it. But I am starting to get all like OMG am I falling in love??

I hate that word. Because as a single thing (a word) it really has no meaning. But when you combine the respect, confidence, and character match of people, it can be an amazing thing.

Now hear me out. I am not saying I love this guy. I’m afraid to, right now. But I can say that the relationship, The ease of us…it’s more amazing than any thing I have felt or experienced. This man respects me. He’s kind, funny, sweet, and caring. I can be me without fail. The kids adore him. And he makes me feel like if my world fell apart tomorrow it would be ok. Because I would have him.

Yeah…that is all 🙂


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