Dating with Children

What an adventure.

I do believe I have been single since I started this blog. There have been dates, I have met and hung out with people with whom I would have liked to date, but before this, it was very uneventful on the luck side of things. As in, I hadn’t had any.

When I started dating Tim, I had to tell the kids. Of course. It’s like having a parent and being a teenager. Total role reversal…”Who ya texting?”, “What’s his name??” and “Is he your boyfriend???” They were quite intrigued. Mom was talking to someone. Every day. And he knew about them. Cool.

The second week we were dating, he came up and chilled with us for soccer Saturday. And the kids thought he was the coolest thing ever. Even Sissy. And as she put it, “I like him. And I don’t like ‘mom’s boyfriend'”.

So what’s my point? It’s weird. Feels like a roller coaster. And for me, the kids and I are very open with each other. We talk about our lives, because we’re in it together. Sometimes it’s a blessing. Other times, a curse. Here’s what you have to watch out for…

  • Mom’s Got a Boyfriend!
    What this means to the kids? He’s going to try to be my dad (good and bad thoughts)
    What it means to me? WooHoo I have a boyfriend 🙂
  • I Really Like Him!
    To the kids? She’s in LOVE!!
    To Me? I really like him!
  • He’s Coming To Visit
    The kids want to think “He’s going to stay!”
    I think “Yay he’s coming to visit!”

I find myself constantly explaining how they are not correct in assuming that just because Tim and I are together doesn’t mean it’s a sure thing. It feels like it. A HUGE part of me hopes it is But these things I don’t share with the kids.

Then of course there are the little things that kids assume about relationships…and the things that they want, but haven’t had an opportunity to express in mom’s 2 years of single life.

  • Love:
    After 2 weeks Becca asked him “Do you love my mom?” Perfect opening for the love conversation, yet again, but c’mon now.
  • Kids:
    While we were at the pool swimming State Fair weekend, apparently the girls asked him for a baby sister. *Hangs Head* Makes for some awkward conversation there.
  • Marriage:
    “You guys are going to get married” says Boo. Whoaaaaa buddy. It’s been 7 weeks. We have seen each other times. I do like him quite a lot, but marriage? Not really thinking that at this point.

I must say, Timmer took these questions quite well…or at least handled them well.

For me, it makes me laugh and sometimes want to cry all at the same time. Dating someone after a fair period of it being just the kids and I puts an interesting twist on life as a whole.

But it’s fun. And I think it’s going to be worth it.

What are your experiences dating with children??



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