Be Smart When You Have Kids on Your Facebook. Please.

As an adult, I only have my kids on my Facebook. I see no reason to have other people’s children, or my kids’ friends on my page.

Now my kids, they are friends with many adults. Many of them are mutual friends. And that’s alright. I have spoken to these people about setting special “lists” for the kids. Most of them are pretty mellow, but there’s the occassional post that you don’t really want little eyes to see.

It gets tricky, though, talking to adults that know your kids better than you. Maybe an aunt from the other side of the family, or, in Sissy’s case, an old foster parent.  And one would think that these people would have enough common sense (espescially the latter) to curb their posts/change their settings for the kids.

If you have kids on your Facebook, here are some general, common sense rules to follow.

  1. Don’t post your political view-points in view of kids.
    Children need a good understanding of politics, but they don’t need to see the extreme posts of like/dislike towards a specific party or person. They will feel compelled to follow the crowd on those points. I’ve had this conversation on this very subject with my Sissy girl.
  2. Do NOT condemn people with your religious views  kids see it.
    I will teach my children about religion/spirituality as I see fit, and submit a moral compass to them myself, thank you very much.
  3. Watch your Mouth and sense of humor.
    I will be the first to admit that I’ve got a potty mouth and a bit of a messed up sense of humor. But my dirty mind is NOT visible to my kids. I don’t want to see that a child likes 1-800-choke-dat-hoe’s picture off your page. (Happened)

Facebook as settings for everything. And “I don’t know how” isn’t an excuse. There are tutorials all over. Consider the audience!!

Thank You! Have a fantastic day 🙂



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