They Never Cease to Amaze Me

As I was sitting around after supper this evening I realized that there was a lot to be said for the things we did today…
Tim and I took the kids Christmas shopping today. After lunch, The boys went with me, Tim and B went together. We shopped for about 2 hours, everything went fairly well. There were, of course, the minor issues that always go on when trying to shop with boys; not listening well, asking if we were done. But all in all it was decent.

That’s not what was noteworthy.

I was thinking about what they got each other…and still so random. The thought was incredible. See, I like them to shop for one another without a list. It forces them to think about their siblings and what they like or enjoy.

John knows that Bess likes earrings. He spent 30 minutes picking out the perfect ones. 🙂 He also knows that B likes neon yellow. And he found her a cool long sleeve t-shirt in highlighter.
Stink knows B likes the Vampire Diaries. So he got her a Vampire Diaries calendar (of all things for a 4 yr old to pick out). And Bess likes soft stuff, and her coat is purple so he got her mittens. Fingerless, in purple.

In turn, B got John the book worm two of his favorite Rick Riordan books, and Stink got a Mario hat. And the Stink loves Mario. So even if he doesn’t wear it we can hang it on the wall.

As much as they bicker and pick at each other, they really know one another quite well. Their favorite things, their interests, colors, everything.

I’m glad for this. It gives me hope that they will stay close, at least try to. And that they really love each other.

🙂 Do your kids know a lot about each other?



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