Dating with Children 5: Exercising the Man Muscles

Now now. It’s not like that :p

It was….interesting, you could say, around these parts on Saturday night.

Mr. Bubba J was being a little dink. Not listening, taking the man’s phone. Just all in all being a royal pain in the ass. And I was about all hollered out.

I can only imagine what was all going through my DSBF’s head at that time. WTF?!?! OMG!! among other things, I’m sure. I mean shit. I would think that it would be just a little bit intimidating to see all that crap and go “What am I getting myself into?”.

My buddy Dougie and I were talking about this the other day. That at some point in time, my DSBF is going to have to put his foot down. Hopefully in a gentle yet stern manner, letting Bubba, Boo, whomever know that just because he’s not the parent, doesn’t mean he’s there to be walked all over. That there are some things that will be tolerated and others that will not.

Personally, I haven’t been there. I have not had to deal with other people’s children. Call me mean, but there’s a reason I haven’t dated people with kids; I don’t really like other people’s children. There. I said it.

But anyways.

As I was at wits-end, sitting on the couch petting the dog, (because, you know, petting a dog is super therapeutic), DSBF went up to the lions den. Talked. Tried to reason with the unreasonable little fart. Gave him options and ideas to fix. There wasn’t hollering. There wasn’t screaming. He didn’t leave (though I can’t say for certain that he didn’t want to lol). After the fact he mentioned he felt like Obi Wan with the advice he was giving for Bub to fix things…the kids only hope.

I was really happy with the way all this shit went down. I saw in him a person that could handle shit. Even throw-stuff-down-the-stairs-get-lippy-be-a-pain-in-the-ass kinda shit. It was cool. I mean, anyone I have known and who was in that situation would have flipped the fuck out. Yelled. Screamed. Maybe just left. But he didn’t.

Things like this, like how they exercise their “place” in your world, these are the things that let you know. They tell you little pieces at a time what the future will look like. And help you, as the mother of the little people, whether it’s a good call to have them in your life.

Mind you, the children won’t always like him. They may think he’s mean when he puts his foot down. But if he’s good, he’s good. You will know. 🙂

And I’ve found a good one. I adore the shit outta him, and I think I’ll keep him.



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