Throwing Myself to the Wolves

I have done it now. Taken that big, huge, amazingly thrilling leap. I am online.

2 weeks ago I published my website for …..Amomand4kids probably shouldn’t  associate herself with her business Web Design. Boy oh boy did that ever scare the crap out of me. All of the what-if’s; people don’t like it, think I’m an amateur, think it’s ugly, pick it apart. I mean hell. This is me I’m writing about. Ya’ll have seen me at my most insecure on here. Do we really think it is just in relation to my relationship?? Au contraire, mon frere. Sometimes I doubt my abilities even when EVERYONE tells me I am amazing. I like to be a shit and tell people I am the cat’s meow, but do I believe it? …..Sometimes.

But anyway,  I put on my big girl panties and, just like my very first blog post, stepped out into the abyss, putting myself out there for others to judge.

I hope they will like it. If not, they can go fuck themselves and find another designer. :p


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