Hump Day

I do hate wondering if he misses me, especially when I miss him so…

“That’s how you know you love someone, I guess, when you can’t experience anything without wishing the other person were there to see it, too.”
― Kaui Hart Hemmings, The Descendants

When I’m cooking or doing dishes, I wish he was here to walk up behind me. Squeeze me tight, kiss my neck. I want him here to ramble sleepily with at night, and in the morning while I’m trying to wake up.

I miss how he can make me laugh with just a look, or one word.

It wasn’t like this until we spent a couple long weekends with each other. Now, I just want all to keep on as it is, and for us to be together come summer.

I really hope he feels the same. But man. How the fuck do you ask without emailing him this here blog??




  1. Enchanted Seashells · December 19, 2012

    You need to read what I did. I just posted my part two of how I feel in love with the capt. I called him right after we met and told him i fell in love with him, no really! I can’t believe I did it and I can’t believe that he didn’t run far.

    • Amomand4kids · December 20, 2012

      !!!! Oh my that was a wonderful read! I feel so much like he is all I have ever waited for in my years of being on a “man diet” (I love that saying!)
      He’s sitting here next to me and I have this sudden urge to just grab him and say “Heyyyyy buttface. I love you”. Maybe I will. I should really try to be a little bolder 🙂

      • Enchanted Seashells · December 20, 2012

        Thank you sooo much! I still can’t believe I did that. I would have had to quit that job if it didn’t go right. As it was, we hid our relationship for the longest time, more on that in another story!

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