The Welfare Reform Debate: We’ve all got an opinion. Here’s mine.

Scrolling through my FB newsfeed this morning….

Don’t care.
Cute pic.
And of course,
This again?

The pictures of a pot leaf that say “drug test welfare like Oklahoma”. I would like to see the stats. How many people has this kicked out of the system?

Don’t get me wrong, it would probably get rid of 15-20% of the bennie suckers. But considering there are many ways around (to pass) a UA, I think there are much more effective and economically friendly ways to do it.

I know that at least in my state, there isn’t funding for crap. Not schools or teachers. Our DHS has downsized close to 20% in 3 years. The last thing we need is another expense to weed out a small amount of people.

10 years ago, WI approached welfare quite nicely. When you applied, you had 60 days to get a job. Didn’t matter if it was part time, full time. Good pay or piss poor. If you didn’t find employment in your 60 days, you lost everything but BadgerCare for your kid(s). I found a job housekeeping at a local hotel for $7.25/hr in 2 weeks.

This approach has a couple good effects for both the state and recipient.
1) It forces people to take responsibility. The whole “move it or lose it” mentality. We can sit and say there are no jobs and whine that they don’t pay enough, but there are signs up at gas stations, fast food joints, and grocery stores everywhere. And a job that pays crap is better than no job at all. People just need the motivation to work.
2) When one works, the state reduces benefits. The more you make the less you get. So the longer a recipient works, the more potential they will have for making money. In turn, that’s less $$ the states shell out.
3) If they don’t find a job, they lose their benefits and that’s one less person who is willing to help him/her self that we need to pay for.

The state allows their system to get screwed. There’s not enough money to pay enough staff to keep up with the people in the system. Everyone is so concerned about everyone else’s little feelers that questions like “Why aren’t you working” and “What is your long term plan” no longer get asked. Workers don’t ask for a budget, or how, if you’ve been unemployed for 4 years, do you keep a roof over your head and ass-wipe in your cupboards? The benefits are just sent out every month.

And those are the things that will truly impact the system; get a job, explain and show how you live, and take responsibility for yourself.

Your thoughts??



One comment

  1. Enchanted Seashells · January 10, 2013

    I agree the system of welfare needs to be overhauled. Right now there are so many generations who know nothing BUT welfare, collecting, foodstamps, that it’s hard to figure out how to get them to go to work! Very thoughtful post

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