Apparently He Threw a Fit

Went to the Marilyn Manson concert this evening. He only played for an hour. And 2 or 5 or 7 minutes.

On our way out and DSBF’s buddy says, loudly….

Wait. Buddy is a big guy. Awesome guy. Point? You can’t miss him.

S’anyways, he says, loudly, “And he only played for an hour and 10 minutes. WTF is that???” As he just happens to be walking down the stairs next to someone who worked there.

She turns. Looks at him and said “He threw a fit about the beer signs being on. He would have started sooner than that if they’d have turned them off.”

WAIT. WHAT??? Let me get this straight…he got pissed cause the beer signs were still on.

Bummer man.



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