Go From Craptastic to Fantastic

Found a great little article in the Harvard Business Review last week: How to Have a Year that Matters. It is a wonderfully written post. Complete with humor, advice, and questions to answer. Good questions. Questions that I really think can make a difference, providing you can answer them. “…a few tiny questions.” ….but not necessarily easy questions.

I figured, seeing as sometime my life is a bit…craptastic…I would take a shot at answering the questions. Let me tell you. It took a little bit. Some of these, I had no answer. Literally. I had to ask people. *hangs head* So much for having all the answers lolz.

The first question, it makes you go “WHAAATTT???? Whaddaya mean why am I here?? IDFK!”

Oh. Yeah. You read a little bit more to see that it is broken down. Into questions that will ultimately answer why you’re here. Oh thank you God. That first one really threw me through a loop. How do you just sit down and answer that?? Yeah. That’s right. Answer the following. Here we go….

What do you want?

I wrote this to my DSBF 2 Thursdays ago. After attending an Oso’s Rusty Red Nitro event at O’Marro’s (Oh and let me tell you. THAT is a goooood beer. Creamy, smooth, tasty), I was feeling a little bold. So I asked “Do you know what I want?” and without waiting for a reply, I told him….

 1)I want to be loved as much as I love. 2) I want to move on to the next chapter of my life. 3) I want to find a job that makes me feel like I accomplished something at the end of the day. This last one, needs a little explanation. I feel like I have accomplished something when I have fixed a problem, helped a person, and created great content that will help the company I work for entice new students to come learn with us.

How much does it matter?

Accomplishing all of these things that I want matters a lot to me. I firmly believe that if I can make these things happen, I will be in a much better spot, with the ability to be an even better mom and employee than I already am.

What’s it going to take?

This one is harder to answer for me. 1) is not completely in my control. I can be a non-psycho, loving, understanding, helpful girlfriend but that will not ensure that he will love me. But being those things is what it will take, if it’s going to happen. For 2), it is going to take finding 3) in the right location and having the diligence to keep hunting for it, even when it feels like it’s never going to happen. And for 3), see what it takes for 2).

Who is on your side?

Ah, an easy one. I have my mom, dad, brother, and my kids. These people will support my decisions no matter the case, as long as it is a genuine step in the right direction. The kids will do so, sometimes grudgingly, if only because it may mean that I am not mentally around as much. But if I’m physically there and respond, that’s all they want. And for their mama to be happy :).

Where’s your true north?

I find that the direction in which my “wants” lie is chiefly in the realm of relationships, do-gooding, accomplishment. This seems promising to me, because these are the things that truly last and impact others, as well as myself.

What breaks your heart?

The things that break my heart don’t seem to me to be very connected to the above answers. But I will list them anyways. Part of the process, right?

It breaks my heart to see senseless violence. People being mean to one another. For no reason, or what they may determine to be a good reason. Thieving and lying break my heart. And indifference.

What’s it worth?

Hard. This one is hard. But to me, it’s worth a little bit of insanity. Long nights working outside of my “real job”. Being tired. Stretching myself to the limits. It is definitely worth all that. And then some.

So now I challenge you to answer these questions. Do you come up with things that will turn your life from craptastic to fantastic?




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