Did a lot of playing, cooking, and crafting this weekend!

I snowed like crazy Wednesday; my plow guy made a HUGE pile in the middle of my yard for the kids. Made snow forts and played in the snow.

Also, being close to Valentines day, Stink and I had a heart to decorate to hang in the atrium by the school office. That was a blast.

Bubba J had a sleepover Friday and Boo had a sleepover birthday party Saturday. Broke up the weekend nicely!

Really looking forward to next weekend, no kids! Well, for 24 hours anyways. 🙂


Using the force to make breakfast for dinner 🙂


Snuggling with the DSBF watching Star Wars


Mr. Heart


Playing in the snow




The fort


Bubba J and Charles

I was also brought back to my early teen years via radio this weekend. Some Soul Asylum, Runaway Train.

Have a great week!!


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